Here are 4 reasons why immersive communication can turn around your customer’s engagement

We are a doomed and blessed generation! Blessed by the incredible technological advances in our everyday lives. And of course, the doom is that, because of this very same technology, grabbing attention has never been as challenging as it is today! If you are a marketer, you surely have been asking yourself, “how can I capture my customer’s or colleague’s attention? Could he only drop his phone for a minute and look at my presentation (for which i worked the last 3 weeks for?)” What can I do to grab his/her attention?

Attention is the main currency, in an era where one of the most obvious concerns is the low attention span. Sitting with your customer or colleague where he is catching a glimpse of his mobile screen every now and then. it’s very distracting, but since it became normal how can we handle it?

And because you need to treat fire with fire, only another technology can address the pervasive loss of attention we are suffering from. Not any technology, immersive communication technology (Catch up here if you not clear on what it is)! What if you had a magic pill that could slap (gently) your interlocutor and bring 100% engagement. This is what augmented reality promises, a way to grab attention and make things interesting (again).

Whatever your product is, Immersive communication is redefining the way you will talk and share. The revolution is now and here are 4  use cases in different industries where we believe immersive technology can redefine the way we interact: 

1. Present better ideas with 100% engagement

Everybody is now in the business of selling some kind of idea. Your next project, a financial proposal, a new product etc. But your good ‘ol powerpoint and book worthy slides are not enough anymore… Selling your ideas and specifications are not enough to sell your product to your stakeholders. Immersive communication solutions like VR and augmented reality can leap your audience forward into a reality where he can interact, touch and see your idea and help them engage emotionally and mentally to overcome the attention problem, encouraging him to receive your message.

2. Redefining advertising by offering a Real-Life Experience

One of the biggest edges of virtual reality Is that it can brings your consumer in the driver seat. Let him/her experiment. Instead of having to pass your message through typical advertising, you can actually bring your proposition to life through a real-life experience through an impressive, attractive and updated solution that he is willing to try, you are helping him build a connection with your brand. Which is the first step towards considering it in his buying decision process.

3. Offer, on the spot, exponential potential combination for your product

“Sorry it’s out of stock” this sentence is hardly acceptable today in a ever-growing Omni channel environment. This is considered an annoying obstacle not matching todays level of customer expectation. Here is why brands like Audi benefit from virtual reality solutions to give to their customer an instant complete experience of their cars. In couple of minutes you can personalize your future car interiors and exteriors according to your needs and tastes with no constrains. Identical to what he will be receiving, leaving nothing to expectations.

4. Give more for less

Get, for example the chance to travel all the way to Paris visit an apartment through Virtual Reality. Especially when it’s not only about moving around the place but also holding home accessories, open a door. The experience can get very real to the extent that you would be tempted to ask for a coffee.

And this is the beauty of immersive communication solutions. While you are saving time, and budget your customer can get the immersive experience of visiting his future apartment in another cotenant without leaving his office.

Now back to you : Can you imagine what the very same presentation would look like if you started presenting it with the help of an augmented reality application, the meeting would start to take a totally different perspective. More engagement and excitement to try, discover, understand what you are presenting, here is where this technology can help this generation succeeded in capturing attention when communicating.

Personalising the experience summarizing your product’s specifications and options in allowing you to experience it. Where trying these options and seeing them, enables your customer truly to judge the pros and cons of these specifications and option from his point of view.

So, immersive communication turned into reality. And it will keep evolving in the next decades. Getting the best out of its solutions for your own benefit is the smartest decision in my opinion.            

What do you think? If you want to know more about the exciting opportunities that immersive communication technologies offer, just click the button below!


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