Evohom 2.0

online home configuration made simple

Redefining Your
Home-Buying Experience

Buying a home in a new development is often a headache. What will it look like? How much will it cost me? Can I customize it? When can I see the final plans? When is the house ready?

We decided to create a tool that enables you to address all the above online in less than 5 min.

Customize your home

By enabling buyers to customize their home purchase decisions through virtual reality solutions, the product simplifies what is otherwise a complex and challenging process.

Your Ideal Space in a few clicks

With just a few clicks you can build your ideal living space, choose the number of rooms, the flooring you prefer, adorn your house with elegant interiors or even paint it with vibrant colors.

See Evohom in Action

See the real-life features and play with the options while customizing your dream house.