Smarthill – Case Study

Smarthill is a magnificent residential complex of 77 semi-detached villas that will reach its completion stage in 2021. This real estate project came with a number of challenges, the main one being to automate the online configuration of 77 separate houses and to match them to the preferences of potential customers.

“The main goal of Realitim was to build a district of 77 modern villas that meets the needs of young couples,” explains Daniel Hurni, project manager of the Lausanne company. “This young target audience is already very connected to the digital world, so we wondered, which digital tool could facilitate their decision on the configuration of their house. We knew that configuration software existed abroad, particularly in the United States and Great Britain. We learned about the solutions proposed by Wild Dots and found their concept brilliant.”

Wild Dots, the startup located in Geneva, has designed a tool to configure and reserve villas online for new homeowners. This was a totally innovative approach to sell real estate. The Realitim development fund has called on Wild Dots to use this tool on the Smarthill.ch real estate project in Crissier (VD). This was a big step forward in real estate. Shaping parts and layout of your future home in a few clicks is now a child’s play.

To meet the ultimate goals of this venture, the Wild Dots configurator developed 36 variable alternatives for buyers to ensure that each property looks distinct and holds an individual persona of its own. The platform offered four interior design options for the basement and three options for the ground and first floors. The home automation feature enabled clients to customize the interior before construction by choosing from a variety of floor coverings and materials that could align with their vision.

It’s not just about 3D immersion. Wild Dots offers a platform of choice and visualization for better and faster decision making. With its online home configurator, prospective buyers can immediately project themselves into their homes.

“In addition to saving valuable time, this solution meets the current needs of modern shoppers – who are used to the immediacy and visualization of their live purchases, just like what is already done in other industries such as the automobile,” says Tafsir Ba, founder of Wild Dots. “This tool facilitates decision making and offers much more transparent access to information.”

The tool along the smarthill.ch project was launched in October 2018.

Key statistics for the Smarthill project:

  • 6x higher conversion rate vs. real estate promotion websites
  • 5,089+ different configurations saved on the platform
  • More than 50% of properties reserved within 2 weeks of launch
  • More than 330 home configurations have been designed by future buyers using the platform

The initial results are very positive as smarthill.ch allowed Realitim to book more than 50% of the properties in less than 14 days.

This innovation is one of the first use of a 3D online configurator for real estate selling purposes in Switzerland and got the attention of various media outlets like AGEFI, Tribune de Genève, 24heures Immo and a TV clip on Leman bleu.

The online real estate configurator is one of Wild Dots SàRL’s flagship innovations, a tool designed mainly in Switzerland. This innovation gained the support of the Smart Living Labʼs BIM department for further developments. The ambition of this start-up is clear: to simplify the process of buying real estate for future buyers.

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Published: March 9, 2020



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Location: Lausanne, Switzerland