Online Configuration as the Solution to a Growing Complexity in Real Estate

Choosing a home can be an intimidating experience for many people, especially in a new development. Besides the price of the real estate piece, it is also the thought that you will spend most of your time in this house once it’s yours. Then, it’s also a question of remodeling your home to meet your needs and that’s a tremendous time investment as it involves above 240 separate decisions* from architectural specification to price to be done.  Meanwhile, the tech supporting these transactions are still mainly offline and scattered. No need to tell you the number of mistakes and errors these people face on the purchase side whether they are consumers or investors.

This is a point that didn’t escape the attention of real estate developers and brokers around the world with the construction industry reaching soon 14.5 trillion dollars** worldwide and more than 13000 buildings finished every day, the pressure to optimize and improve the purchase experience is pressing. To add to this pressure the fact that more and more future home buyers decide to choose their property solely using digital tools.

Besides, in the times of the coronavirus, social distancing, and quarantine, people cannot go visit the real estate office as easily as they could before. This time, however, shouldn’t be lost because your customers are sitting right in front of their computers and an online home configurator can help to cheer them up by motivating their dreams about the future home.

What can real estate developers do to make this process simpler for their potential buyers?

The online home configuration is one of the options in this case. Wild Dots’ flagship product – Evohom – is an online home configurator that can put your customers at ease.

Evohom gives people a chance to minimize the potential areas of headache:

  • What will my apartment or house look like?
  • How much will the remodeling cost?
  • Can I customize my future home at the development stage?
  • What if I choose oak wood for the kitchen counters and then realize that I don’t like how it looks?
  • What will my living room look like if I paint it purple?
  • What will the floor plans be like? etc.

Watch the video of Evohom in action:

One of our clients has implemented Evohom for their real estate project – Smarthill – and booked 50% of the properties within the two weeks of the platform launch. Read their case study here.

Evohom is a PropTech tool that enables buyers to customize their home purchase decisions and simplifies this otherwise complicated and challenging process.

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* – Source: Wild Dots Evohom configuration matrix
** – Source: I.H.S Markit Forecast, Construction output in US Dollar (nominal)