Booking 50% of the properties in 2 weeks – Smarthill Case

Knowing your target audience is important for any business, but when it comes to Real Estate, it becomes a critical factor.

“We wanted to build a district of 77 modern villas that meets the needs of young couples,” explains Daniel Hurni, project manager of the Lausanne company. “This young target audience is already very connected to the digital world, so we wondered, which digital tool could facilitate their decision on the configuration of their house. We knew that configuration software existed abroad, particularly in the United States and Great Britain. We learned about the solutions proposed by Wild Dots and found their concept brilliant.”

Evohom is the online real estate configurator and it’s one of the Wild Dots’ flagship innovations, a tool designed mainly in Switzerland. Its main feature is to allow potential buyers to customize their homes with the help of virtual reality and simplify the purchasing process in this way.

This innovation gained the support of the Smart Living Labʼs BIM department for further developments. The ambition of this start-up is clear: to simplify the process of buying real estate for future buyers.

What was the result of the Evohom implementation?  

  • Smarthill project got 6x higher conversion than traditional real estate promotion websites
  • Over 50% of the properties were booked within 2 weeks since the implementation
  • 5,000+ different home configurations were saved on the platform
  • 300+ future buyers designed and booked their home using the Smarthill+Evohom platform

Learn more about Smarthill in the case study.